Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bummy Saturdays, Jason Pominville Securing a Kick Ass Hockey Team, and My Wedding Requests

It's Saturday morning, well afternoon, 1:09pm to be exact and I'm sitting my couch watching "P.S. I Love You", eating graham crackers and peanut butter and teriyaki beef jerky and drinking a propel and writing this blog. I love Saturday mornings. Getting up whenever you want, nothing to do, relaxing and being a bum. It's lovely. I wouldn't like it everyday, but once a week, it's a nice regenerating time. I do actually have a lot of things I have to do to plan for the week, but they can wait til later, right now I'm in my bummy, unmatching sweats, watching a romantic comedy in which I have a huge crush on Gerard Butler, eating junk food and communicating to the world via internet..... ahhhhh, yes, life is good.

It's been a pretty good week-end so far and not just for the fact that I get to be an unhealthy, lazy bum! Jason Pominville has signed a five year extension contract with the Sabres! KICK ARSE! This is so exciting! I have the best feelings in the world that this is Buffalo's year! Oh, I know that being a die hard Buffalo fan we say crazy things like this every year, but this really is our year! I mean the sabres have their dream team from when they were kicking ass and taking names in Rochester a few years back, Goose, Pommer, Miller, Royzie, Vanek, Paille, Paetsch, Kaleta, MacArthur... and add Connolly, Spacek, Tallinder, Lydman, Mighty Max, Kotalik and Lindy Ruff as the head coach (In Ruff We Trust!), oh it is a gonna be an amazingly fierce season! Having Pommer's sign an extension contract really just solidified that fact that we are gonna be rocking like a hurricane in Buffalo!

Look at that fierce fro! I wish Pominville would grow it back! My only beef with that boy. Grow the curls back!

I bought "Groundhog Day" at a flea market yesterday, life is good. I tried watching that movie last night but passed out on the couch 20 minutes in. I'll watch it sometime this week.

I have a counterpoint view from a former blog I wrote. Harley doesn't agree with my point that cough drops should be renamed to cold drops. She has stated that she only uses cough drops when her throat is scratchy and she can't stop coughing. So, my theory in changing the names of cough drops is not agreed upon by all, but it was just that a theory.

Also, Fallon's wedding that I attended was beautiful and the bride and groom looked so happy, it was fabulous! The only thing is they did not play the chicken dance. *sigh* I swear at my wedding, the chicken dance will be the first song on my request list. Not the song I want to dance first with my husband or the song for my father/daughter dance, it will be the chicken dance. If the dj doesn't have the chicken dance in his arsonel of songs, guess what I am not hiring him to play at my wedding. I only have a few requests for when I get married, that I am married by one of my family friends who is a pastor, I'm married in my church, that I have a wedding attended only by close friends and family, they play the chicken dance, and when me and my husband go to cut the cake, an all out food fight breaks out. yep, that's all I'm requesting....

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