Friday, January 2, 2009

A Step Above Death, Lindy Knows Best, and Looking Forward to the Future with the "Honk the Vote" Campaign!

I feel like death.... I take that back.... a step above death.... I have yet another terrible cold this season making this number 3 in a little less than 4 months. That's what I get for working around kids all the time, oh but I do love those little germ infested twinkle toes, I just wish they kept their germs to themselves! I currently look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with slits for eyes because I'm so exhausted I can barely keep them open and smell like menthol thanks to the number of halls I sucked on. I know, Move Over JT, I'm bringing Sexy Back!

On a good note, the Sabres won last night! :-) 4 to 1 against Toronto! Apparently the Ruffinator's locker room switch up worked, there's no evidence to prove that it didn't. Pominville seems to like the change or Lindy has put the fear of God in him and he's too scared to not agree with Lindy for fear of a major butt whooping. I'm thinking the latter. It seems to have worked seeing that Pominville and Roy both had two goals in the game last night and Roy an assist. (Somebody reacted to being publicly called out by their coach).  Lindy's actions have also seemed to light a fire under Stafford's and Vanek's booties as well, both recording two assists a piece last night.

lindy locker switch up

Two gentlemen that got the Ruffinator's message that he was unhappy with their performance on the ice.

Lindy also thinks that Gerbe is no longer needed in Buffalo at the current time, so back to Portland he goes. I like Gerbe, but like I say "In Ruff I Trust!". Sorry to see you go Gerbe, but if Lindy's decisions lead to games like last night, then whatever Ruff says goes, that even applies to you.


You never argue with this man. He knows best!

I'm not sure if today is the last day or not to vote for the NHL All* Star Game, but it is at 7:31pm EST, Goose has tallied... *drum roll please*..... 449 votes! So, he's not gonna make it to the All*Star game this year, but not shabby for a write in, but if you can still vote, "Honk the Vote!" and vote PAUL GAUSTAD!

goose retree wny

WNY's Super Hero! Goose is making sure that trees are being planted through out WNY, so it becomes beautified!

I've also come to the conclusion that Goose really deserves to play in an All*Star game, so I'm going to start the "Honk the Vote! Gaustad in '10!" campaign about 10 months early. No time like the present, eh?


Jill said...

Hey if he was yelling at me I sure as heck would be scared and listen!

Defy Gravity... said...

Hey if he was yelling at me I sure as heck would be scared and listen!

Agreed! You don't argue with the Ruffinator!