Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do You Know the Meaning of Personal?, Dancers and Athletes = Tomato / Tomatoe, and Jockstraps, They're Still Funny at Any Age!

As I was flipping through the channels last night after crashing on the couch from a tiring night of teaching dance, I came across that show "Momma's Boys" and only watched it for about 30 seconds, when one of the men or boys yelled at his momma to stay out of it, because it was a personal moment and none of her business. Ok, wait a second back up the trolley.... you went on a reality show where you went on dates and your mom could observe the dates and pick the girl she wants for you. (I think that's the premise of the show, I haven't watched it long enough to know otherwise) So, actually it is her business because she's probably under the shows contract to due so and you knew she was going to be watching. Second, you signed up to be a reality show that watches your dating life, guess what it's no longer personal when millions of people are watching. That ship has sailed a long time ago. Also, did you think your image would improve when you were declaring to the world that you are a momma's boy and you want her to have input on your dating life. Seriously? Why in the world did that seem like a good idea. Let me tell you this contests of that show, no female is ever, I repeat ever, attracted to a momma's boy. Reason #1: It makes you seem like a pansy ass and well in reality you probably are. Running to your mom with your problems and not being able to stand up to your mother when she's butting her nose in where it doesn't belong. Just grow a set and deal with your own problems in your life without the help of your mother. Reason #2: No woman wants to be second place in your life, especially to another woman, even if that woman is your mother. I'm not saying you can't love your mom and treat her very well and think very highly of her, but when you need to turn to her when we're having a fight to see if you are wrong or right, guess what? You're girlfriend is just going to be pissed to high heaven about it. Just think of Ray Barone in "Everyone Loves Raymond" and how he was a momma's boy and Debra was not liking that one teeny weeny bit. So, it bewilders me why any man with the teeniest amount of sanity would want to proclaim to the world that he is a momma's boy and he's proud of it. Clearly none of these boys are sane and clearly I need to change the channel quicker than 30 seconds when this show is on the air.

Speaking of shows, "Superstars of Dance" premiered the other night! This competition really excites me because it really allows people around the world to experience various genres of dance from countries all over the world. For anyone that knows me, you know I am a strong advocate for diversity and people expressing their own artistic voice. I respect people being unique individuals and just well, being themselves. This show is great in showing that dance isn't one-dimensional, but is a very diverse art form and each genre is demanding and takes much discipline to master. What was really exciting for me personally is that I have taken a class in almost every style displayed on the show, I have several years of Irish Dance training and currently teach it, I have a BA in modern / contemporary dance, I also have many years of tap, jazz, hip hop, and ballet training and currently teach it as well and I've had an opportunity to take classes in Bhrata Natyem (Classical Indian Dancing), Chinese Fan Dancing, African Dancing, Troika (A Traditional Russian Dance), and the Argentine Tango. It's just nice to see people outside the dance world have an opportunity to experience dance and it's many layers. I know when I tell people I'm a dancer they automatically think I can dance every style with perfection, but that's not true, I have my strong points, modern, jazz and broadway, but I could never be a prima ballerina. It's like when someone says a they are a professional athlete, doesn't mean they can play every sport at the professional level. If they were a professional hockey player, you wouldn't have them playing quarterback for an NFL team. Take Michael Jordan for example, tremendous basketball player, horrific professional baseball player. Why is this so, because every sport demands a lot of discipline, time and training for athletes to be able to perform at a professional level. Most of the time athletes also train to play in one position, take Ryan Miller, tremendous hockey goalie, but I don't think Lindy would be putting him on any of the lines as a forward anytime soon. Dance is the same, to perform at the professional level it take a lot of time, discipline, and sacrifice to master your craft and you usually concentrate on several styles, but not all. That's why this show is great to show even if a dancer can't be a prima ballerina, doesn't mean they are not a great dancer, they just might be a fabulous dancer at their own genre, like a great Tango Dancer or a great Tap Dancer and so on and so forth....

argentine tango

While I was teaching yesterday, I got a text message from Harley that said, "If u watch royzies interview from today u can see connolly jock strap in the background. Haha". That is exactly what I received. Of course I had to chuckle and then I realized that me and my friends are about as mature as 12 year old boys, oh but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Of course I had to check out the video when I got the chance and I also noticed that Roy's jockstrap in visible in his locker, not quick as good as Connolly's but still. Oh Sabres, don't you know it's not good to air your dirty laundry, my bras and panties aren't hanging out of my dance bag, why? because personal items should remain hidden in a bag not visible to the public, but I must say thanks for the chuckle.

Speaking of Connolly apparently he will be back on the ice soon, which is a good thing, and so is Rivet, which is another good thing. I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be a better hockey year for Buffalo than 2008. Here's to staying undefeated in 2009 and kicking some Ottawa booty!


Cari said...

HAHAHAHAHHAH Timmy's jock!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Please excuse me, I'm 4 years old.

BTW, I'm sending the yearbook tomorrow. Sorry for the delay; I've had a few crazy days.

Defy Gravity... said...

HAHAHAHAHHAH Timmy's jock!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Please excuse me, I'm 4 years old.

BTW, I'm sending the yearbook tomorrow. Sorry for the delay; I've had a few crazy days.

I know. I found it hilarious to... haha! I think it's never a good thing to grow up. As they say in Mamma Mia! "You better grow back down! And Screw 'Em if they can't take a joke!" haha

That's fine. From your blog I got the notion you were very busy. Completely understandable, I'm just so grateful you took the time to pick me up one and mail it! :-)

Jill said...

Oh geez.. jockstraps every where... my eyes are burning... too bad no one else has a fun one like Miller... unless that is a joke...