Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why did I do this?

hmmmmm.... that's a good question? The reason I started this blog is because one of my friends said I should because I am so random that I would write a really interesting blog. The real reason I started this blog is because I was bored and what better way to prevent being bored than to voice your opinions on the internet. And mentioning that friend from before (you know who you are, Harley ;-)), I think she just wanted me to start this so it would give her something to read when she was bored. So, I guess I am killing two birds with one stone by not only preventing my own boredom, but her's as well.
So, here I am blogging. I almost didn't go through with it for the mere fact that it was a pain in my booty trying to set up this account. Seriously, could every link that I would want for my blog be taken.... seemed to be the case.... so I had to get creative with the name of my link. I hope I remember it, because I had to try a bazillion different names before it accepted one and I'm really not even sure which one it accepted. So, if I never blog again, you know the reason was I couldn't remember my blogs name and I probably got furious trying to figure it out and after the ump-teenth time of trying, I just gave up and said the heck with it.
I guess that's enough typing for now.... if you have any opinions feel free to comment. Til next time!

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